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Carbyon joins the Negative Emissions Platform

At Carbyon we are convinced that it will be extremely hard to avoid the catastrophic effects of climate change without implementing means to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. It is at the core of our mission to address both CO2 emission reduction and atmospheric CO2 removal. By design, our solutions can cater for both pathways in the most effective way.

We foster collaboration to accelerate and scale-up carbon dioxide removal technology worldwide. This requires multi-level cooperations and dialogues among governments, policymakers, regulators, businesses, researchers, engineers and civil society. We recognize that this is something we shouldn’t do solely on our own.

That is why Carbyon recently joined the Negative Emissions Platform (NEP), which is a unique partnership of European and international actors. It provides a forum in which diverse like-minded organisations actively collaborate to improve political and public recognition of carbon removals. Together we will work on a broad range of activities to achieve our common goal: accelerate carbon removals for a climate neutral future.

Anna Dubowik, secretary general at NEP, is looking forward to taking this challenge with us: “As NEP we aim to represent both well-established and new technology developers and providers, as well as sponsors, research centers, academia, think-tanks and civil society. Our main focus is on engineered and hybrid approaches to carbon removal - direct air capture and bio-energy with carbon capture and storage, enhanced weathering on land and in the oceans, biochar, as well as soil carbon sequestration, wood in products and the use of atmospheric carbon mineralization processes in building materials. We see that the need for a strong policy and financial framework for carbon removals is gaining momentum in Europe, and we are delighted to have Carbyon among us to work together towards an enabling framework for a portfolio of removal solutions.”

For more information about NEP, please have a look at their website:

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