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Why is carbon removal important?

  • Certainly not!

    Our goal is to stop the use of fossil fuels. By combining green hydrogen with CO2 from air it is possible to make any fuel or chemical for which today fossil oil and gas is needed. So CO2 from air is the missing piece to finally stop the use of fossil oil and gas.

Is this not too expensive?

  • Energy transition is about economics, not about efficiency. If we can produce affordable renewable fuels, it will help to stop the use of fossil fuels.

    The problem is not the lack of renewable energy. There is a thousand times more energy from the sun reaching the earth every day to power the energy needs of humans over an entire year. What we need is right incentives to build solar farms and wind farms to capture that energy. The production of renewable fuels is a strong incentive for the industry to build solar farms and wind farms dedicated for the production of renewable fuels.

What about biomass?

  • Biofuels are currently the only affordable alternative to fossil fuels, even though they are twice as expensive as fossil fuels . But the downside is that it requires a lot of land and that leads to aberrations such as large-scale monocultures that displace natural rainforests worldwide.

    That is why Europe has now imposed a maximum on “conventional” biofuels. From now on biofuels must come from waste flows, but of course there are not many of them. A recent study by the DENA institute has shown that biofuels can only make a limited contribution for this reason.

Risks of underground storage

  • With the totality of all oil and gas fields in the world, there is a gigantic storage capacity for CO2 . That is not the problem. But you do have to get the CO2 to the oil and gas fields. This may pose a problem for the capture of CO2 from flue gases (CCS) as the major industrial plants that use fossil fuels are usually far removed from the oil and gas fields. Just think of all industrial sites in Western countries that run on oil and gas from overseas extraction areas. The transport of CO2 is very expensive and it will not be feasible in practice to transport the CO2 that we capture in the west to the Middle East or other places in the world where our oil and gas came from.

    This is possible however with a technology to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. In that case, you use air as the means of transport for CO2 and place machines near the empty oil and gas fields to remove the CO2 from the air and put it underground on the spot. This saves you an expensive CO2 transport infrastructure.

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