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Direct air capture
of CO2 to clean up
our atmosphere


It is not enough to reduce emissions.
It is not enough to get to zero emissions.
We need to get to negative emissions.

Because it can not wait.

1.6 trillion

tons of CO2 emitted by humans so far.

Carbyon develops the next generation of equipment to capture CO2 directly out of ambient air. Our breakthrough technology enables extreme energy efficiency and low manufacturing costs.

This turns it into an economically viable carbon removal solution that can be scaled up worldwide, on any location with only a small footprint.

Low energy
Low cost
Small footprint

About Carbyon

Carbyon is a start-up company founded in 2019 with the purpose of turning direct air capture of CO2 into an affordable and scalable technology.

Our ambition is to reach gigaton scale in the 2030s and substantially contribute to mitigating climate change.

About Carbyon


We are a team of scientists and engineers in domains like chemistry, physics and machine engineering. It takes a very tight integration of these three disciplines to find solutions to bring the costs of direct air capture down.

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