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We made it to the XPRIZE Carbon Removal Top 100 teams!

EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS (April 24, 2024) – The XPRIZE Carbon Removal Top 100 teams are revealed and Carbyon is proud to be one of the Top 100 teams! The XPRIZE Carbon Removal is the largest worldwide competition for carbon removal solutions, launched in 2021.

At the start of this year, we applied for the final round of the competition. The application process consisted of, among others, extensive documentation of our technology, a video showcasing our technology, our 1,000 tonnes removal plan, an environmental impact assessment, and responsible deployment training. Based on our submission, the jury selected Carbyon as a Top 100 team. The Top 100 is a collection of leading innovators from 25 countries, representing all CDR pathways: Air, Ocean, Land, and Rocks. These teams have made incredible accomplishments in recent years developing new solutions and representing the future of the carbon removal industry. Check out the Top 100 Teams Book, which highlights teams that represent a new generation of promising solutions across a huge range of carbon removal pathways, through the link below:

About the XPRIZE Carbon Removal
Removing gigatonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere will be an essential part of reaching net zero and will require the deployment of a whole new trillion-dollar industry. XPRIZE Carbon Removal was launched in 2021 with this ambitious goal in mind: to catalyze the global supply of high-quality, cost-effective carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions. Since then, over 1,300 Teams from 88 countries have taken on the challenge and joined the competition.

XPRIZE has now announced the Top 100 most promising carbon removal innovators, after three years of the competition and several rounds of judging. XPRIZE will be selecting 20 Finalists from the Top 100 to demonstrate and test their solutions in the final year of the competition to remove 1,000 tonnes of CO2 from the air or oceans.
In April 2025, XPRIZE will award $50M to a Grand Prize Winner and the remaining $30M will be distributed among runners-up chosen by the Judges. XPRIZE previously awarded $5M to 23 Student Teams in 2021 and $15M to 15 Milestone Winners in 2022, of which Carbyon was one of them.

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