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Carbyon commissioned their fully integrated prototypes in their testing facilities in Eindhoven

Eindhoven, The Netherlands (July 28, 2023) - Carbyon has completed the commissioning of two newly-designed prototypes in their testing facilities in Eindhoven, enabling the capture of CO2 directly from outside air. The two machines are the first that consolidate all essential functionalities into a complete, cutting-edge direct air capture system. The installations are equipped with many sensors that empower the team with invaluable insights into the CO2-capturing process, which will help Carbyon to further develop their full-scale machine.
In the past months, the Carbyon team has installed and tested the prototypes and we can proudly share that the process runs as expected. The machines have been co-created together with Demcon, an experienced high tech systems developer. It was chosen to have 2 exact duplicates in order to double our test capacity and validate our results. The installations were designed in such a way that different configurations can be applied providing us with research flexibility.

Carbyon CO2 capturing prototype - Bart van Overbeeke

Let us provide a brief overview of the inner workings: The prototype consists of an outdoor unit that draws in ambient air and blows it through the piping into our machine. In the heart of this indoor machine lies the reactor, which is filled with our sorbent that reacts with CO2. When the sorbent reaches its full capacity of CO2, we heat the sorbent in order to release the CO2 and separate it. With advanced measurement instruments the captured CO2 can be analyzed precisely, along with other crucial parameters such as pressure and temperature.
Witnessing the successful capture of CO2 from outdoor air reinforces our commitment to continue with our mission. While it's still early days, we hope to share more detailed updates in the months ahead.💚

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