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We are guided by our purpose and ethical charter.

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The purpose of Carbyon is to mitigate climate change by providing a technological solution that captures carbon dioxide directly out of ambient air. The deployment of this solution shall be primarily aimed at restoring the atmospheric carbon balance for the benefit of society and the environment.

Through our ethical charter we safeguard that business growth, societal and environmental benefits are considered equal imperatives that serve our purpose.

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Trust is the foundation of our company.

We build upon each other’s talents and the shared values that bond us. We trust each other to fulfill our roles to our best intentions and towards Carbyon’s purpose. We treat each other with mutual respect.

We are fully transparent by default.

There are no secrets. We actively share information and provide additional details when asked. When we can’t be fully transparent, we explain and document this.

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We are the captains of our own(er)ship.

You have ownership from beginning to end. You take responsibility for the work that needs to be delivered and decide how and when to do it best. Taking ownership is also asking for help at the right time.

When we fail, we learn together. When we are successful, we celebrate together.

We believe in a team-first mindset. We work effectively to achieve results and we communicate mutual expectations. We always stand ready to help each other. When we make mistakes, we own up to them and learn from them.

We motivate and challenge each other and stimulate personal growth. By matching challenges and skills, everyone stays motivated to contribute to our mission.

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The best ideas can come from anywhere.

We give every idea a chance. We are open-minded towards giving and receiving feedback. We listen to one another and speak out freely to everyone.

Our team atmosphere fosters personal wellbeing.

We embrace diversity, everyone is fully included and receives the same opportunities. We take care of everyone to maintain their (mental) health. And above all, we have fun while making the world a better place.

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We welcome new partners to our initiative, so please let us know how you think you can contribute.

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