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Capture the Sky

What does it mean, to ‘Capture the Sky’ ?

Our atmosphere has been polluted with CO2 particles. But when we extract these particles, they can be of great value.

The future lifecycle of a CO2 molecule

Carbyon will enter the next phase in the development of our machines.
Join our mission to close the CO2 cycle. How?
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A long, long time ago, organic remains were safely stored deep within our planet where it turned into carbon compound.

Let’s fast-forward to the industrial revolution, when we first discovered that we could use this carbon to fuel our societies.

But there’s a catch.
Every carbon particle we burn turns into a CO2 molecule that is filling up the atmosphere, which is bad news for our planet and for us.

What if we could reverse time, clean the atmosphere and use this CO2 for something good?

Carbyon’s technology can do just that: capture carbon dioxide from the sky. No time machines needed.

Our carbon-soaking sorbent cleans the air and enables us to store or reuse the CO2 in fields such as transport, agriculture and construction.

Let’s power a sustainable economy while restoring our planet.

We are Carbyon and we capture the sky.

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