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Carbyon developed a unique Direct Air Capture process. We have a strong investor base, with a long term commitment in the Direct Air Capture industry. Whether you are a current investor in Carbyon or are evaluating Carbyon as a potential investment opportunity, we welcome you to contact us should you have any additional questions after reviewing our website.


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Carbyon is ready to tackle climate change. Carbyon’s technology can be used for negative emissions which will be needed to reach the targets of the Paris Agreement. Also, while it can start to replace fossil fuels and chemicals with a cost-effective and backward compatible renewable alternative. This is a win-win all-round. It’s a win for companies, a win for the people who work in them, a win for the public, a win for business opportunities in design and manufacturing, a win for creating new jobs, win for governments, and most importantly of all a win for our beautiful world.

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